White House Tour

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Last Weekend I got to visit the White House for the first time! It was one of my lifetime goals, I’m so glad I got to go. My sister got reservations from her senator in Seattle. I tried to get reservations once by contacting my senator and representative from Virginia but it is quite hard. There is a long waiting list. I guess it is just supply and demand, since we were are a lot closer to D.C a lot more people around here want to visit the White House.

In case you’re wondering; no I did not get to see Obama, maybe next time. I did get to see the green room, red room, blue oval room, and the dining room. It was a surreal experience just standing in the same rooms where most of our past presidents have lived. I was imagining them entertaining important diplomats and reflecting on important national issues in these rooms. The paintings and photos on the walls enthralled me; they were of the highest quality and each one told a story. The tour was well planned, even though there were many people we weren’t rushed and walked at our own pace. We left through the entrance hall, I’m glad my sister got take some photos of me at the front of the building with her blackberry!

outside at the end of the tour

outside at the end of the tour