What’s New?

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Whew! That took awhile, I just finished selecting my job benefits. Explanations will have to wait because I’m leaving financial advice for the next post.

This post is just a brief update of what’s new in my life. Well I graduated on Dec 17th! It was…glorious! I dreamt the night before that I had actually overslept and missed graduation. Yes, in my dream I was running late and I couldn’t find a ride, so instead I tried to take the monorail. But Virginia tech doesn’t have a monorail! I think that’s around the time I woke up; I immediately looked at my clock and was relieved that I hadn’t missed it, but I was close. Fortunately, my friend Matt gave me a ride to Cassell Coliseum and I made it! It was great seeing my classmates and friends graduate with me. I have to admit that at first I felt a little gypped when finding out that a faculty member would be the commencement speaker, I was dead wrong. It was given by Dr. E. Scott Geller, Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems in the Department of Psychology. He talked about leadership from a human dynamics perspective. He used the acronym L.E.A.D to describe leadership and how we can become leaders, it was truly inspiring. If you get a chance check out the video!

Fast forward to January. I started off the New Year by going to see the Hokies play in the Orange Bowl. I received my job offer and accepted it on the ride down. It was a long drive but we eventually showed up in Miami. Unfortunately our football team didn’t show up with their A-game. From Miami I flew straight to Colorado on Jan 5th. Some of my best buds from my fraternity and I stayed in Breckenridge for a week. We had a sweet house with a hot tub and everything else we needed. It was my first time out west snowboarding and it was a blast! I took several lessons and improved my boarding enormously. We took day trips to Vale and A-Basin. The last day when we went to A-Basin it was the opening day of Montezuma Bowl, which expands the total available ski area by 80%.

After the trip I returned home and chilled out for two weeks before work started. Highlights included getting Verizon FIOS installed, receiving my first credit card, and watching the first season of Heroes!


I started my job this past week. My co-workers are great and I feel that have re-adjusted myself readily. I am figuring out that eight hours of work doesn’t really leave much room for just hanging out. Nevertheless I am assured that if I properly manage my time I should be able to do everything I need to.