Weekend Re-cap

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Saturday I discovered this cool site called Zamzar.com. Cool name huh? Well, it let’s you download videos from YouTube and other sites, so now you can keep your favorite videos forever. It is also pretty easy to use. Also in YouTube I found these sick guitar learning tutorials by NextLevelGuitar.com. This cool guy named Dave teaches you how to play some pretty sweet songs. I’m hooked.

Yes, we have moved back to Sterling. I have to say it is nice to be back. I don’t feel as isolated as I did in Warrenton. Even though I’ve only been away two years, Sterling hasn’t stopped growing. There is now a Cheesecake factory in the mall and a bunch of other stuff. Sunday I was helping my family sell our house in Warrenton. We tried this innovative method where we invited everyone in the neighborhood for wine and cheese. The idea is to notify everybody of the move and for them to contact potential buyers they know of.

Unfortunately, we are selling in one of the worst times in the housing market. Not much I can do in this situation.