The Magic Fountain

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I visited Peru for the earlier this month for the second time this year. This trip was a little bit less hectic than the first, but I was still rather busy. One of the nights in Lima I got to take a tour around the city. We got to stop off at the Magic Circuit of Water in Lima’s Parque de la Reserva. I had heard about this place before, many fountains in a park, some that you could walk through. Actually being there was a whole nother experience. There are 13 different water fountains located throughout the park. Each one of them is different, they are lit up at night and music is played in the background. The Park is very beautiful and the fountains transmit a cheerful mood to you as you are strolling through. The Magic Circuit of Water was just inaugurated in 2007, it uses all of the latest technology in order to create the intricate monumental fountains. The showpiece of the Park is the Magic Fountain and the Fountain of Fantasy. The Magic Fountain holds the world record for tallest fountain in a park (240+ feet). Every night at the Fountain of Fantasy a laser show plays. It is quite a sight seeing massive fountains and powerful lasers all choreographed with a wide variety of music.


The Tunnel of Suprises is really cool. You get to walk through a tunnel of water, it sort of makes me imagine what it would be like to surf underneath a massive wave.


The last video is of one of my favorite fountains, the maze of sleep. The water fountains change patterns and spout of in different times. when the fountains shut off you can try to walk in the middle without getting wet!