Shamrock Marathon 2011 Results

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I believe I set a new record for not posting anything. I have been really busy with work, school, and running for the first half of 2011. Still, I think that is not a great excuse for not posting anything.

In March I ran my first marathon, the Shamrock Marathon!

I had to stay disciplined training throughout the whole winter. Looking back it was pretty fun running in the cold weather and even through the snow a few times.

On race day, it was 42 degrees with 10-15 MPH winds. I was able to hangout in a nearby hotel before the race started and stay warm. I was worried it might be a bit too chilly, however after the first 5 minutes I warmed up a felt great. To be honest I never really noticed the headwinds. I kept a good consistent pace throughout the whole marathon. I started a little bit behind the pack than I originally anticipated. The advantage though was that I was able to pass a lot of people throughout the race. I really like running in Virginia Beach, the courses is flat, and the supporters are amazing! My goal was just to break 4 hours. I ran a clock time of 3:26:43!

After March, I really have been taking it easy on the running front. It is scary to run when it is 100 degrees outside. I don’t know the next time I’ll run outside, maybe in 2 weeks? I have an important new race announcement I’ll soon post about.