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This is a program I created that finds the shortest route of a network. The user creates the network by clicking lines that connect to each other by their nodes. Once the network is completed the user clicks the start destination button once and clicks on an existing node, then the user does the same thing for the end destination. Finally the user clicks on the compute shortest route button and it shows the result in red. Click on the image below to launch the applet:


This was my final project this semester for my Spatial Data Structures class. I had a lot of free time in November. I ended up spending most of it on this program, another program that processes filters on images for my Imagery Interpretation class, and a Facebook Birthday app that I should complete any day now. RouteFinder in its original form is a standalone Java program. I just converted it to an applet. Doing that and posting it online was actually a little painful. Oh well, the semester’s over and I have a few weeks to relax until next semester. Oh, and see Avatar if you have a chance during the Holidays.