Push America Spotlight focus: Camp ASSCA 2008

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I wanted to highlight one of the programs run by Push America. Every Spring Push America organizes several Push Camps across the country. Undergraduates forgo a week of sunbathing on the beach, opting instead to renovate and build accessible environments that will enhance the summer camp experience for people with disabilities. Pi Kapp brothers from various chapters including UNCC, Kennesaw State, and Virginia Tech united and worked side by side doing a week’s worth of construction projects at Camp ASSCA.

Camp ASCCA (Alabama Special Camp for Children and Adults) is a 230-acre, barrier free camp located in Jackson’s Gap, Alabama. 10,000+ visitors who spend time at the facility each year. The Camp ASCCA Mission is to help children and adults with disabilities achieve equality, dignity, and maximum independence through a safe and quality program of camping, recreation, and education in a year-round barrier-free environment.

The first morning we started off by doing some team-building exercises at the indoor basketball court. In one of the exercises we had to get our whole team across the jump rope. We thought we did it the first time, but we found out the jump rope holders also had to get across.

Team Building exercise

We started off with lots of hole digging. Then we were able to put the posts in the ground and form the frame boxes. After that we begun nailing wooden joists to the frames. In the background you can see the splashpad that was able to start operating this month.

Day 1

Occasionally it was nice to get out of the sun and work on the signs for the camp buildings.

arts and crafts

The Pergolas on the Bocce Ball courts turned out really nice! They’ll also provide a good amount of shade.


At the end of the week it was amazing to look back and marvel at all the work we had completed. I’m sure that the 30 X 40 accessible deck we built will gets lots of use this summer!

Team photo