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Motorcycle Mania

2 minute read

This past weekend I enrolled in a motorcycle beginner course held at New River Community College in Dublin, VA. I was a little bit unsure of what to expect a...

Summer Jams

2 minute read

The following are my thoughts on some of the albums I listened to this summer….

Facebook deletes ability to add courses

less than 1 minute read

Today I was messing with my profile. I wanted to clean it up a bit. The addition of apps can be beneficial, but there are a lot of useless bombastic applicat...

Excerpt from J.S Mill’s “On Liberty”

2 minute read

I’m almost finished with reading On Liberty by J.S Mill. It is one if not the most compelling philosophy book I have ever read (although I haven’t read very ...

TomTom can help you find your way

1 minute read

This past weekend I helped my dad pick-out a gps device. My parents are going to Florida for vacation next month and he thought it might come in handy. We en...