Marine Corps Marathon 2011

1 minute read

The Marine Corps marathon I ran this past Sunday was a great success. I am entering the recovery phase with a great sense of accomplishment. I completed the marathon in 3 hours, 29 minutes, and 31 seconds. Not too shabby. More importantly, with the help of family and friends I reached my goal of raising over $1500 to support people with disabilities!

start of the race

It was snowing the day before the race, fortunately it warmed up a bit for race day. I was prepared for the conditions with pants, under armour, gloves, and a beanie. I am still debating whether the pants were too much clothing or not. I started the race near the beginning of the pack, in the past I have started in the middle. The first part of the race had a decent hill, after that it was pretty flat until the end of the race. I was doing awesome during the first half of the race, if I kept the pace I could have run the marathon in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Unfortunately I started running out of gas and had to slow down for the second half of the marathon. I don’t know if I like starting near the front, because a lot of people started to pass me after the halfway mark. Even with the crowd, support and the Washington Monuments around me, my strides shortened. Crossing the George Mason Memorial Bridge to reach the 20-mile marker was one of the hardest parts. After the bridge I felt that all my energy stored were depleted, so sheer willpower carried me through to the finish line.

The marines did an excellent job of organizing the race and making sure everything went smoothly. It wasn’t noticeable to me that so many people were in the race, making it the 5th most popular race in the US. It was great connecting with my fellow runners after the race in Charity Village.

My plan for the next few weeks is to rest a lot, and that includes eating a ton for Thanksgiving!