Let’s Begin Shall We

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I had in mind to create a blog for a while now. My original vision is to host my own blog on my own domain. Hopefully this can happen sooner than later, but for now this will have to do.

So what to write about, and what exactly is the purpose of this blog? Well I’m not really sure. Perhaps it is to “express” myself. Perhaps as I keep on writing and posting, I will develop some sort of order, but one of the great things about blogging is that this isn’t a school assignment. I can do write whatever the f*#k I want! It doesn’t have to contain a thesis and neither do the paragraphs have to follow a certain structure.

I did happen to hear that blogs get more readership if they focus on a specific topic. So hopefully one day I will start another blog with a narrower focus. Any suggestions are welcome!

Be forewarned. These postings will be somewhat sporadic and be likely influenced by far-flung inspirations.