TomTom can help you find your way

1 minute read

This past weekend I helped my dad pick-out a gps device. My parents are going to Florida for vacation next month and he thought it might come in handy. We ended up purchasing the TomTom One system from Circuit City for $250.

I was impressed with the quick set-up time. It came with a relatively strong charge out of the box. The TomTom asked you basic questions such as your language preference, what time it was, and your home address. Everything was inputted via the touchscreen, which was great, and then it automatically synced with the GPS satellite. We tested it by letting it guide us back to our house.

It comes pre-loaded with many POIs (points of interest). I was pleasantly surprised when it showed all of the nearby restaurants on the menu. Even my friend Peter’s restaurant El Estribo showed up.


If you pay extra for TomTom Plus services you can have extra features such as live traffic and weather reports. A requirement for these services is to have a bluetooth connection through your internet-enabled cellphone. Whoah! We don’t have a Bluetooth or internet-enabled cellphone, those are expensive! But it is interesting to think what we can do if we ever get one. Another interesting feature I noticed was TomTom friends, with TomTom friends you can see wherever your friends are at if they also have the service. I doubt very many people have this service but it will probably be more ubiquitous in the future, for the good and the bad.

The prices of gps devices have really come down, they used to cost twice as much a year ago. I am seeing them more in people’s cars. I will definitely consider purchasing one for my own car in the future.