Day 8 Tampa

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**Day 8

May 22, 2008

Tampa, FL

Written by Tim Clements

Louisiana Tech Associate Chapter

Louisiana Tech**

We all woke up at the Clear Water Community Center, and then headed out for UPARC, in Clearwater, FL. This visit was amazing; when we arrived everyone was outside waiting on us and cheering. They were just so excited that we were there just to spend time with them, but they were not as excited we were. The friendship visit was great because the residents look forward to the Gear Up Florida team to come by every year, there were several people that asked us for our autographs, that was just so humbling that because it shows just how much these visit means to them. This visit was just so humbling and amazing.

The second friendship visit of the day has to be one of my favorites of the trip so far. The visit was at Easter Seals in Tampa, FL, and it was an organization that served children less than ten. There were just so energetic and so happy to hang out with the “big kids” as they called us. I remember going out to the play ground and as soon as I walked out I had five kids ask for piggy back rides. It was awesome hearing them laugh and seeing their smiling faces when the piggy back ride was over, but before they went to take their nap I had given twelve piggy back rides. I was exhausted but it was so worth it just to make those kids days, and making them smile and laugh uncontrollably. That is way that is my favorite visit so far.

Our third visit of today was that MacDonald Training Center. This was an awesome visit, we walk in and they dinner already for us. The dinner we had was amazing, it was the first time for many of us to have Cuban sandwiches and it was awesome. Also at this visit was our first time to have a dance and it was absolutely the greatest time. I had an absolute blast. The clients’ smiles and laugh made that visit worth whiled just like all the other visit, just seeing the joy on their faces makes this trip worth it. At one point during the dance “YMCA” came on and that had to be the best song of the night, everyone did the motions, it was so much fun. This day had to be the greatest day of the trip so far and I can’t wait for more days like this further down the road.