Day 17 Arrival in Tallahasee!

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Day 17

May 31, 2008

Tallahassee, FL

Written by Tim Clements

Louisiana Tech Associate Chapter

Louisiana Tech

I woke up on Saturday morning not having a whole lot of sleep, but I was full of energy because today was our last day and we will be having our big arrival. We got outside everyone including cyclists had to load all there luggage into two vans that went straight to Tallahassee. So after we all got our luggage into the vans the crew set out to mark turns for our final day of ridding and crewing. While we were on the road at crew stops the time just flew by.

We arrived at stage up in Tallahassee, and everybody was excited that the trip was almost over and yet no one wanted the journey to end. Everyone had to fill out evaluation forms about the trip’s lodging and friendship visits, before the cyclists could get on their bikes and ride into the long awaited arrival to the capital. So we start heading toward the capital with a police escort. It was awesome riding through town with cops leading the way for us. We had to go over two hills before we reached the capital, and when we started down the second hill, it was an amazing site to see the cyclists riding up to the capital building and it made for a fantastic picture. While we were pulling up people were yelling and cheering for us. We all got together for one final “picture formation” on the steps of the capital, and the crew also took one more picture together.

After we had our arrival at the capital and took numerous pictures the team dispersed and headed to our final lodging which was the Park Plaza Hotel. The hotel was the best lodging we had all trip the beds were so comfortable. Then at six o’clock everyone started gathering downstairs for the award dinner and banquet. The banquet was awesome; we found out that we are the highest fundraising GUF team ever, which was pretty cool. The top fundraisers were announced which was Alex S. and Alex A. and then the Bruce Rogers award was awarded to Trey Flowers who without a doubt deserved the award. Then finally there was a slide show of the entire trip, it was awesome seeing snapshots of the trip again but also it was tough because I knew I was going to miss the team and the event. I had a great time and I would not change any part of the trip for anything.