First Update

2 minute read

Since I signed up for Gear Up Florida about two weeks ago I have spent much of my time after work setting everything up. It is more time-consuming than at first glance, but it is enjoyable! The first task I started on was developing the website.

It’s great how Push America lets my sponsors pay with credit card. They provide enough tools to create a decent webpage on their site. My only quirk is that the hyperlink is really long and therefore hard to remember. Like several of my other fraternity brothers who did Gear Up Florida or Journey of Hope I decided to create a seperate website that would redirect people to my Push America site if they wanted to make a donation online or learn more about how we help people with disabilities.

I created a page called Gear Up Florida under my current domain (it’s one of the tabs up top). I thought about making Gear Up Florida my main page but decided not to so I could use my homepage to write posts about the progress of my fundraising, training, and actual trip.

While we’re on the subject, earlier readers might have noticed the new look of my blog. I changed to a new theme named K2 because it has nice tabs and includes a few web 2.0 elements such as live search and live commenting. Around this time I also upgraded to WordPress 2.5, which has some cool new features such as keeping track of stats.

With my site updated, I could create business cards. I made the design online at The next day I was able to pick them up at the store. It was a little bit more expensive than getting them delivered; but it was fast, convenient, and the business cards turned out great.

I am even trying out direct marketing using Click2Mail, part of Using the same address list my dad used when marketing our house action I was able to send out postcards to over 350 people. Here is the design…

I have yet a lot of fundraising to do. I created a preliminary contact list and will start calling people everyday. I will create a Facebook group within the next few days. There are also a bunch of other ideas I have that I might implement. Next week will be one of my busiest fundraising weeks. I feel that donations will really start flooding in soon.