Facebook deletes ability to add courses

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Today I was messing with my profile. I wanted to clean it up a bit. The addition of apps can be beneficial, but there are a lot of useless bombastic applications out there. The simplicity of facebook is one of best ways facebook differentiates itself from MySpace. I prefer a crisp, clean, profile that is easy to read.

I was able to customize my page rather easily. Next I wanted to add the classes I was taking this semester, just like I have always done, but I couldn’t find the feature anymore. It turns out that facebook deleted the option of being able to list your courses.

Here is their explanation:


Now why would they get rid of an incredibly useful function such as this? I used to be able to add my courses and connect with many of my classmates.

The function can be replicated to a limited extent by adding an external courses application, but this doesn’t work well because collaboration features are only as useful as the number of people using it. The leading course add-on only has 71,822 total. This is a minuscule compared to the 7 million users.