Ebay and Freecycle

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A great way to start the New Year is to go reorganize your stuff. That way you reduce clutter, find things more easily, and maybe earn yourself some cash or save the world!

How can you do this you ask? Well as you reorganize your stuff create a big pile. This pile will consist of things that you will not use in the next 3 years (time period can be adjusted to fit your psyche). Done? Good. Now split your monster pile into two separate piles. The first 1 consists things that people will actually pay you to get. The second pile consists of things that people might want, but are hard to sell or ship, or wouldn’t be worth the effort (maybe only fetch a few bucks).

Do a quick brain scan to see if any of your friends or family might want any of your cool stuff that you don’t use. Maybe they have a birthday coming up? You can set those items aside.

For pile 1, I recommend Ebay or Craigslist. I usually use Ebay for smaller items that are easy to ship. Craigslist is great for larger items that can be picked up easily. For example I sold my old subwoofer and amplifier through Craigslist. Here is what I posted on Ebay today…

For pile 2 you can try donating to charity, or Freecycling. The Freecycle network is made up of many groups around the world. It is a network were people post things they are giving away for free. It is all about reusing and keeping stuff out of landfills. I subscribed myself to it. Unfortunately it isn’t the easiest system to use, but once you get the hang of the routines it is rather easy. The frequent e-mails might annoy you, but you can adjust these setting if you like. Several years ago I got a CRT computer monitor, but mostly there is nothing that interests me to take. I tried posting several offers on the site this week and it has been working great. People are really quick at responding and taking my stuff! Haha.

My recent Freecycle Post

Good luck starting 2012 on the right track!