Summer Jams

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The following are my thoughts on some of the albums I listened to this summer….

The White Stripes: Icky Thump


Good, hard, strong record. The White Stripes do it again. Icky Thump gets off to a great start with “ Icky Thump”, their first single. Jack brings back his guitar in this album in full force, gone is the piano that was prevalent in Get Behind Me Satan, it seems to have been replaced with bagpipes. Other than their trademark blues-inspired rock, you also have country, Mexican, and Scottish influences.

favorite tracks:

Conquest, Bone Broke, Rag & Bone, I’m slowly turning into you

Gym Class Heroes: As Cruel As School Children

as cruel as school children

Great Band. They are a great mesh of rock and hip-hop. Infectious, care-free lyrics. Funky tracks and tight beats. They seem like it would be a blast to listen to live, actually I hear they are going to be playing at Virginia Tech this fall!

favorite tracks:

Clothes off, Viva La White Girl, Cupid’s Chokehold

Fall Out Boy: Infinity On High

infinity on high

I am impressed with the quality of this album. I give props to any band that churns out a solid album in less than two years, especially after hitting mainstream.

favorite tracks:

Thriller, This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race, Thanks For The Memories

Queens Of The Stone Age: Era Vulgaris


Haven’t listened to them much before. They are definitely a distinctive band and are great to listen to when I’m in the right mood.

favorite tracks:

Run, Pig, Run, 3’s & 7’s, Make it Wit Chu

Smashing Pumpkins: Zeitgeist


Billy Corgan is back and is better than ever. Great album to listen to loud. His voice is a great match for those distorted guitars. In case you were wondering, Zeitgeist is a German expression that means “spirit of the age.”

favorite tracks:

Doomsday Clock, Bleeding The Orchid, Starz, Neverlost

Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight


One of the best albums this summer. Linkin Park took their time on this one and it shows.

favorite tracks:

In Pieces, Valentine’s Day, Hands Held High

The Rocket Summer: Do You Feel?


What a great surprise! I haven’t listened to this band before and decided to take a chance, I’m glad I did cause this album trumps anything I heard from them before. Maybe instead of ‘band’ I should substitute ‘Bryce Avary’, because he wrote and preformed the entire album himself. Not only are the songs great, but the lyrics are powerful and substantive.

favorite tracks:

Break it Out,  Do You Feel, A Song is Not A Business Plan,  Colors

Mana: Amar Es Combatir


Me gusta este disco mucho. Es me favorito de Mana.

canciónes favoritos:

Manda Una Señal,  Labios Compartidos, Tú Me Salvastes, Relax